Most Amazing Places
Of Our Amazing Innerworld

Now also Online sessions via Zoom
Do you feel stuck and keep spinning in a circle?
Do you think you will not get any further in your life?
Do you want to take a different path instead of always the same way?
Are you open to a Journey in your life?
Do you want to look for your solution in yourself?
Then I guide you and we go together,
looking for your truth.
Monique van der Zwart.
Accredited Journey practitioner
Accredited Journey Life Coach
Member of the NVJP
Author of Arunachala 
 (Due to translation into English, can be ordered through me for now in Dutch)
Chamber of Commerce nr-65877624hh
Online sessions via Zoom
Because of the Covid-19, many people are forced to work online more than ever before.
Many of us didn't like it and I was one of them.
I always wanted to interact with my clients personally, make them feel safe
 and protected in the knowing that faith in the Journey-Methode and yourself
can make you bask in a bath of Love,joy and self-confidence.
I discovered there were more ways than one so I to decided to go online
I am a recommendended  Journey Practitioner and I am a Life transformation coach.
Each year I have to update my qualifications in the Journey-Methode in order
to keep my recommendations.
   I to had to surrender to being  online as a Trainer and to open myself up to what is to come next.
To be honest, I was amazed that it worked so well and that the system is simple.
Zoom is easy, understandable, familiar and private.
The benefits of Journeyforlife online:
You don't have to go anywhere anymore, relax in your own environment where you feel at home.
I guide you to your inner world where you can explore what is yet unconscious in you what comes up for freedom.
We can do this online in English
Working with me online has another advantage, it takes away overhead cost for me and therefor for you to. 
Packets:  3 sessions = 195 €      (each 65€) 
              6 Sessions = 333 €     ( each 55€ ) 
              9 Sessions = 360€       (each 40€)
This is how it works:
You install the free app in Zoom via your appstore.
We agree on date, time and payment through email.
I will email you the details of our agreement and invoice.
When the agreement has been signed and returned,
you will receive your personal link from me for our appointment.
  Pay via PayPal or my bank account before we do the session. 
        Also via Tikkie if you live in the Netherlands. 
Not valid for package these must be paid in advance.
If you first want 1 online session, (and paid)
and you still want a package, it will be settled.

Go to Homepage, look button Contact, fill in your
Button, Ik ben geen robot, (I am not a robot)
Send (Verstuur formulier)
You recieve automatically a Dutch message that means :
I recieved your message and I will get touch as soon as possible.
You are welcome at Journeyforlife.
Let me guide you to your own consciousness.
(Tikkie, are only for people who living in the Netherlands)